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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Trip To The Coast Guard Station

Back in August Meg and I had the opportunity to visit the Newport Coast Guard station for a friend's birthday. It was super cool, and I think we all came back fired up to join the Coast Guard!

Thanks C. for inviting us. :)

There was a great view of the bridge down there.

Our tour guide telling us about this boat. We learned that it uses the same engine as a mini van! 

Here, she is demonstrating how well this works as a swing. (She may or may not have told about the Officer she found swinging on it ) {wink}

This, is a very bad picture of her showing us where they store the (slightly expired) MRE"s.

Turns out, before our guide joined the Coast Guard she did a lot of photography, so we talked about that, and she offered to take our picture.

On our way home we stopped several places to get pictures of the coast. It was a gorgeous day!

{Playing around with a little free-lensing}

And this was the view from my seat on the way home :)