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Monday, March 2, 2015

A bit of everything

Howdy! How goeth life for y'all?

I figured it was about time I shared some of the happenings around here. :)

I graduated in September,  (Hallelujah!), which was very exciting, and now am officially licensed, have a job, and just "bought" a car yesterday! We pick it up tomorrow, and get the tags and stuff all figured out. I'M SO EXCITED! I'll post a pic when I have one. :) 

Job wise, I'm cleaning our church, which works out well, since it's only once a week, which means I'm still able to help at home most of the time. Which is such a blessing especially with another little Menne coming in April!
I am still doing greens, although I took a brief break for the month, but will start delivering again in a week or two.
It's such a wonderful feeling to be somewhat self-sufficient. :) BUY ALL THE PROTEIN POWDER!!!! Lol!

And for those who have asked about my future plans....
A while ago I was going through a "mid-life crisis", and didn't know what I wanted to do.
Then, suddenly, it hit me, and I knew what I wanted to do.
 I want to be a personal trainer/nutritionist. 
DUH! It's one of the things I'm most passionate about, I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner! So hopefully I'll be starting the course for that this fall. It's all online, and mostly at your pace. You do still have deadlines, but it's a little more relaxed, then you take the test at a local facility. 

The remainder of this post will be largely made up of pictures, and will be in no particular order, but that's not a bad thing, right? Right.

So......let us begin.....
We went to the beach and finally had BEAUTIFUL weather!

I just wanna squeeze this little guy!!!!

 As I mentioned before, Meg and I went to the State Fair. By ourselves. {GASP!}

We're scary together when we're unattended, to say the least. We were strong though, and didn't cave to the smells of elephant ears, and curly fries, and we didn't do any games, (even though we REALLY wanted a big unicorn to take home for Audrey). I will say though, eating a hard-boiled egg while everyone else is eating burgers is kind of sad. Lol.
I went on the giant slingshot, and thought I was going to die. It was terrifyingly wonderful. :)

This thing shoots you up to 250 feet, moving at 100 MPH with 5 G forces.

We attended the Sheridan Fire Pancake Feed again this year, and man, there was some good food! I ate so much. Haha. I love that their pancakes are the size of your plate. :)

Chris and Katie came in Sept. for a visit, and we threw a baby shower for them and their little one. :)

In honor of Meg becoming an EMT basic, I made her cookies. :)

 Do I look like the Stay-puffed marshmallow man or what?!?!?!

Ah, yes......One of the highlights of the year so far.......


Once again, Meg and I together = scary.
We carpooled with a couple people from the station and went to Ski Bowl for the day, and I got to fulfill my childhood dream. :)
It was a blast! If putting yourself through excruciating pain, can be called fun, that is.....lol.

It was waaaaaaaaaay harder than I ever imagined, but for first timers, we didn't do too badly.
I'll never forget the feeling of making my way down the hill without falling once. :) Even if it was the bunny slope. Haha.

Our theme song for the day was Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble'.

You get the picture.....

Then the next week I went Skiing with friends, which was also a first for me, and I enjoyed that as well. :) Despite the fact that I just about died. ;)
Skiing was definitely a morale booster, since I stunk at snowboarding. I only fell three times while skiing, verses the billion on a board, and it was nice to have use of both my feet. Lol.
I loved how while up on the lift, when you look down, the slope is dotted with people who have fallen.......and they're all snowboarders. It cracked me up, even though I can sympathize with them. 
It was a great day, filled with laughter, food, and wonderful conversations, and we made an 11:00 p.m. stop at 5 Guys for more food to top it off. Yes, we tipped them :) 
Bless my dad's heart though, he dropped me off at the house where we were all meeting at 10:00-ish in the morning, and we didn't get back until 1:00 a.m., so he had to come all the way back over and get me, since I wasn't licensed at the time. The things parents will do for their children....

I'll leave you with a pic from my and mom's CA trip last month as a teaser of what's in store. :) I did a mini photo shoot with my adorable niece, and will have those for you soon. Also, Meg and I, (again. lol), are going to Seattle next week for the Scott Firefighter Stair climb, and you can bet I'll take loooooot's of pictures! There's still time to donate to Megan's page, which you can read more about HERE, or check out her blog post about it HERE.
What do you think? Can you help her meet her goal? 
How about no more posts until another $100, (at least has been given).