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Friday, November 28, 2014

Casey {Senior Portraits}

Hello all!
I think this is my record for the longest I've gone from blogging yet!
I have oodles of pictures I want to post that I get overwhelmed, and just don't start. I should go don my Nike shirt, and follow it's suggestion: Just Do It. ;)
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was pretty low key, with our pastor's family being out of town, (they always come for Thanksgiving! They're breaking tradition!!!!!!). So instead we had another family over, and the guys that were on shift from the Fire Dept. 
Yep. Thanksgiving with Firefighters. :) They had juuuuust enough time to eat, then they got a call... and another call.... and a move up. Poor guys. Ah, the joys of being in the Emergency Services. Lol.

Life has been craaaaaaaaazy busy lately! The majority of my days have been  so filled with various projects I need to get done, that often times at night, when I sit down in our living room I realize it's the first time I've actually really sat down. You know those days? Although I have had several more relaxing days too, so that has been nice. :)

Anyway, before I start rambling, (like I'm prone to doing. Just ask my friends. I send loooong random texts all the time), I wanted to share some of the senior photos I did for a friend back in August.
She was a trooper! We planned them for a certain day in the evening so we could shoot during the golden hour. Then I messaged her and asked if we could reschedule since I possibly had something going on that evening. It wasn't super important, but I wanted to attend an event. Turns out, she was planning on going to the same event!

C'mon, one does not simply skip a Newsboys concert at your state fair. You just don't. ;) 

We brainstormed a bit, then decided to do them early in the morning. Heh, yeah. Two not-morning people doing pictures at 7-ish......
It worked quite well, all things considered, and I'm pretty happy with what we got. It helped that Casey is super photogenic. Sure made my job a whooooole lot easier!