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Monday, February 25, 2013

Life & Newborn photos

Hey y'all! How you doing? Life has been interesting around here with ups and downs, but I've been learning that God is always in control.
And because I just really don't want to blog, you get a bullet list with some random stuff .

  • Caitlyn's cow Mattie died :'(    That was rough. I won't try to tell you what happened since I would probably get everything wrong, but you can read her posts about it HERE 

  • I'M GONNA BE AN AUNT!!!! Yep. Chris and Katie are expecting :)

  • Just so you know, I'm going to die next week. Thought you'd like to know. ;) I'm having a gum graft done so I can get my braces started, (which I'm very excited about), so the joke in my family is that I'm going to die. Actually, that's why I am writing this post. So you'll have something to remember me by.

  • One of Cait's friend's goats, which was actually her's before it went to him, that is staying with us (you still following me?) kidded 15 days early, so now there is a little baby goat sitting in our house in a box. :) Yes. that is a very improper sentence. Let's annoy the grammar Nazi's out there, shall we? 

  •  Pinterest. Is. Amazing. Period. Just had to throw that out there.

So, this is where the newborn photos come in. :) 
Baby goat? check.
Camera? check.
Black backdrop? check.
Scale? check. 
Assistant? check.

Aaaaaaand.... Voila!
Newborn pictures.

Prayer for this little gal would be appreciated. :) Apparently its not very common for goat kids who are born this early to survive, but so far she's doing great! She had a sister but Cait and I couldn't save her. :(

Hope you have a great week!