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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have pictures from rappelling! Yay! 

Here's CJ showing Meg how to tie a swiss seat.

It was a loooong way up. (At least to me it was)

Sadly, I only got a couple pics of Meg coming down because I was
laughing to hard. :)

I can't tell if CJ is laughing in this picture, or if she is gasping in horror,
thinking that Megan is about to kill herself.

Hurray! She made it down safely!

                                                  Afterwards, we had a lot of fun coloring eggs, going down the zip-line
( which I did NOT fall off of), playing badminton, basketball, and four square.  

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  1. Just one thing I want to say--you girls are awesome! ;) That looks like so much fun.