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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Katie's Bridal Shower

One of our friends at church, and a friend of hers came in and decorated the church for Katie's shower. As you can see, they did a FABULOUS job! It was kind of like watching little kids in a candy shop as they went through boxes of fabric, flowers, and feathers.
                                                Another lady at church made this beautiful cake.
                                                           (it isn't quite finished in this picture).

                             I made cupcakes as favors (inside the boxes) to go at each place setting.

                                                                  Hey, look! Its ME!

                                                        Here is the finished product. Isn't it amazing?

                                              The purse is actually a carved rice crispy treat.

                                                         I think she likes it. :)

                          Only 46 days until the wedding!!!!!


  1. Em, you did such a wonderful job of capturing such a beautiful ocassion! Well done!!! =)

    Aunt M

  2. Wow, I love your pictures!! Everyone did such an amazing job decorating. :)

    1. Everything looks beautiful!! :)
      By the way, I seem to be having trouble commenting on your blog. For some reason it says "reply" under each person's comment, instead of writing a new comment. :-/