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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bits Of Life...

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving! Ours certainly was. 
Great fellowship, turkey, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, Graham cracker/pudding/whipped cream dessert thingy,  and all the other yummy stuffs that are necessary ;)

Last year we made a Thankful Tree, and decided to do it again this year with the old tags, and have people write a new one.
Its cute to see what people write. :) Carver said he was thankful for "Elmy and our house."                       (that just melts my heart)

Of course, you now what you do the day after Thanksgiving? 
LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!! Oh, and put up Christmas decorations. This year we convinced Dad to let us get a real tree. With white lights. {does the happy dance}. Usually its a fake tree with colored lights, which, as a kid I loved. But now I really, really like white lights.
Maybe I've matured? Right? Perhaps? Maybe not.

Meg and I decided to do Christmas cards again for Operation Gratitude. With the deadline looming closer and closer, we had to get crackin'!
"Meg, can you pass the paper-cutty-thingy?" "Scissors please"  "Pencil!"
"Arggggghhhhh.... I stamped the 'M' upside down. Merry Christwas." "Do you like the light blue with dots, or the plaid?"  "Nooooo! I glued it on backwards...phooey."

Many mistakes, and laughs later, we had roughly forty cards made. Now we just have to write inside them.

You should stop by Op Gratitude's website sometime. There are many ways you can help, and its such a neat thought that maybe you're putting a smile on one of our Military member's face.
They do so much for us. Lets try to give a little bit back.







  1. Ha ha ha! Guess who won the race 23 to 9!!!

  2. My Thanksgiving was great too, and it sounds a lot like yours. Hmm... would you have happened to be at the same house that I was at? lol