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Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring is finally on it's way here!!!
Anyone else excited about that? I got to mow the backyard a few days ago, and I can't tell you how nice that was. :)

My graft was done last week and so far I'm still alive. Can't wait till I can eat without using a baby spoon and fork for everything. LOL.
PB&J with a fork? Not the same...

It was so nice out the other day, I managed to talk a few of the little ones into getting some pictures of them. Most of our family is pretty camera shy so this was not an easy feat.

Meg pointed out the other day that pretty much every time I take pictures of Carver, he's wearing his orange shirt. Just so you know, he DOES have more clothes, but this one seems to be one of his favorites. :)

Just as a random side note, we watched 'The Bourne Identity' last night.

Instant favorite!!!!!

I love how Jason was such a gentleman and tried very hard to protect Marie. And the scene where he's cutting her hair? *grabs chunk and tries to chop through*  I can see hair stylists cringing.  Although, it didn't turn out too bad...  : )

Can't wait to see the next one!

Anyone else a Bourne fan?

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