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Monday, July 15, 2013


For Cait and Audrey's Birthday (They were both born on the 13th.), Cait and I had the genius idea to go bowling, so , we went bowling. :)

 The Birthday girl taking her first shot, or bowl, or whatever you call it.

 If you ever bowl with Connor, be prepared to get whooped. He's good.

 Almost a strike.
 Meg winds up... And its a spare!! Yay Meg!

 Hehe... This is me. Lets just say that I excel at gutter balls. Oh, and I'm very consistent. The first ball goes into the gutter, and the second ball hits the pins. Although, I did get three strikes. :)

 You can feel the intense concentration here.

 Sorry, you don't get to see how many pins he knocked down, but I'm sure it was a strike. Lol

 Oh yeah, we are pro bowlers. I mean look at that, a high score of 36 , and that's only in the sixth frame.

Who on earth designed these shoes? They look like something the joker would wear.

And the Birthday girl again.

Cait and I got some pretty amazing video footage while we were there. ;) If I could figure out how to shrink video files I'd share them with you, but I don't know how. Sorry, you won't get to see my amaaaazing bowling style, or Meg's happy dance when she got a strike...too bad.

Well, I'm off to go water my garden. Have a great day today!


  1. Did you know your Dad bowled on a league as a kid? You should have him give you a few pointers! =)

  2. I think he may have mentioned that before. He tried to give me pointers :) I did learn I've been holding the bowling ball wrong all my life. Lol

  3. Looks like you all had fun:) my Dad is super good at bowling too:)

  4. I am going to have to see those videos the next time I get to come up :-)

  5. Hehe... Prepare yourself for something very dreadful. ;)

  6. Great pictures! Sounds like you had so much fun. Say happy birthday to the two for us.

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! I love bowling (although I'm not that good at it.) Don't you think those shoes are the coolest? I always want to take them home! ;)