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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Away in a manger...

Last night was our live nativity that we hold at our church once a year. It was a lot of fun despite the freezing cold ( okay, maybe not quite so freezing). The past couple of times that we have done it, I was a shepherd, but this year I passed out bibles, candy canes, and tracts.

I had just finished passing out the last of my nine bibles, and went to go get more, but all four of the boxes where empty! I think we passed out more than 150 bibles!!

 I learned that it is very hard to hand out little candy canes with numb fingers, and that when your hands are really cold they swell to twice their normal size.

A friend of mine gave me some hand-warmers which were a life saver, even if it was a little hard passing out tracts with my hands in my pockets.

Here is our Mary, sitting so patiently in the cold with baby Jesus.

Our very angelic angels also standing patiently in the cold announcing the birth of our Lord.

Little K, looking cute.

Who said that there where only three wise men?

 One of our shepherdess' .

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