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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Little bits of life....

Life has been very busy of late with Christmas coming in 10 days. WOW. I must be getting old, as I wish that  it weren't almost here (sighs). So much to get done, yet so little time to do it. I'll probably be awake until three in the morning trying to get presents finished, but, as long as their done in time, that doesn't matter. 

Meg and I did get our Op. Gratitude package sent off (yes, I finished the knitted scarf in time). That was such a load off my mind.   

Narnia, its all in the wardrobe like I told you!

Connor is such a little goof-ball (bet you couldn't guess!).
He is always making funny faces. It's even funny to watch him throw a tantrum (in fact, that's the best time to watch him).

                                Audrey, is still just as sweet as when she was born.

And then there is the cow. Poppy is getting big , and is quite cute, I must add. But other than that I can't say much about her.

Copper... is ... well... COPPER! That poor dog, I don't think you could pay someone to steal him. He is also quite the goof-ball.

'What is that?' you ask. Well, let me tell you. That is one the worlds most beautiful instruments. The Bowed Psaltery.
It slightly resembles a violin, as it is played with bows (duh),
but it sits on your lap while you play it. This particular one is a alto so it has pretty, high, silvery notes.  

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