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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Sister and a Camera

Me: Cait! Quick! Lets run and get some pictures while the light is still good. I'll give you ten minutes to find something different to wear, and change. Never mind. That shirt will work. Actually that skirt will work too. Okay, now find some shoes. I'll let you wear your boots. Just go take your hair down.

Meanwhile Cait grumbles (not so much to herself) about the whole ordeal.

Me: Stand HERE! Now, lean against the barn. No not like that. Like THIS. OK. Now, fold your arms behind you and scooch your heels back. That's great! 

 Scene Second

Me: Give me a smile.

Cait gives fake cheesy smile.

Me: Lose the cheesy smile.

Cait: I'm not giving you a cheesy smile!

Me: Yes you are. Can you laugh for me? I really need you to laugh. Like a bust your gut kind of laugh. :)

Cait: I can't just laugh.

Me: Well, what makes you laugh? 

Cait: Ummmmmm...

Me: Never mind.

Scene Third

Me: Allllright.... Lets have you sit on the ground. Good. Look away from me, now bring your face towards me just a tiiiny bit. Perfect. Give me a little smile. Now bigger. bigger. BIGGER! Beautiful. Look down. Love it. :)

Now I want you to look away. Then SWING your head around. But I need you to stop once you are looking at me. Oh, and I need you to smile. 

Cait:WHAT!??? Ok.  

enter head swing

Me: hahahahahaha!!!! That didn't work. try again. Hahahahahaha! I'm sorry, but you looked hilarious!

We both look at the pictures and laugh.

Cait: Ha! now its MY turn to take pictures of YOU!  I don't know how to pose you, so pose yourself.

Me: ummm... how's this?

Cait. Sure. that's good. Now SMILE. :) :)

Me: How do you expect me to smile with that thing aiming at my face???

Cait: Hehe. now you know how I felt.

The picture below is the only one of me decent enough to post on here. I wish I could blame it on Cait's photography skills, but its probably just because they have me in them. :)

after much climbing on fences, and all that uncomfortable stuff that one has to do for pictures, we again switched places.

Me: {grabs camera and starts to sing Bryan Adam's 'This Is Where I Belong'}
Ahhh... That's much better

{Clicks Shutter}



Tilt your head just a little more.


Look down... BEAUTEEFUL!

We had lots of fun (in case you couldn't tell) and I think we should do another shoot tomorrow. :)


  1. Great pictures! :) I love them.

    1. :D ditto! Both of you girls look so pretty! :)

  2. Incredible!!! You did it!!!! You got Caity to actually "smile" for the camera and she doesn't look like she's in pain (you should see some of the pics from her trip here)!!! Great pictures of you both!!! =)