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Friday, August 9, 2013

Not Perfect

My mom often calls me a perfectionist. I used to think it wasn't true, but lately I've realized that it actually is. As a {beginner} photographer I look at other peoples pictures and think "WOW! They're good! All their images are tack sharp, they have great composition, their lighting is amazing," etc.,etc., and so forth. 

Oh, and let me take a moment to say, If you are ever talking to a photographer, and you are looking at their pictures and they happen to be amazing, don't comment on how nice their camera is. Yes, your equipment does affect your images, but ultimately, its the person, not the camera, that takes good pictures. Saying that their camera is great, is like telling a chef that their oven must be great because the food is good. Anyway, I'm rabbit trailing...where was I...

Sometimes I hesitate to post some of my pictures on here because their blurry, or the lighting is off, or whatever, but I'm learning that just because its not perfect, doesn't mean it's not good. Some of my favorite pictures of the kids are off center and fuzzy, but I love them because they show what they are really like. It's almost impossible to get Noah to sit still, or get Connor to smile without squeezing his eyes shut, and Audrey likes to open her mouth like a fish (I have no idea why), but it's how they are, and I love them. 

So, to those who worry about their pictures being perfect, don't. Chances are, nobody will notice the little faults that you do.


  1. Evidently punctuation and grammar aren't too high on your perfection list either...

  2. I love your photography work! You do a great job! I know your mom is very proud of you.

    (your Mom's sister)