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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Easily Amused

I have to admit, I'm very easy to amuse. Unfortunately it can be embarrassing at times, especially when you're at a theater and you sit there and laugh at a funny part long after everyone else has stopped.
Or when you're with a group of friends and someone cracks a joke, and you laugh so hard that you sound like a dying seal, which makes you laugh even harder. Then you continue with the silent shaking laugh and hope nobody notices. 
And I won't even mention what I'm like with less than five hours of sleep. Think....tipsy.


this about sums up my mental state
So, to the others out there like me, here are some of the things I'm finding funny at the moment...

Hahahahaaaaaaa.  Nerds are wonderful.

I finally found the valentines I'm giving this year.
Best valentine ever!

Too close to home to be funny, actually

Just listen to Rafiki


Anna is actually talking about fridges.

Oh man

Actually, just the $1000 would make me feel better. GIVE ME THAT MONEY!


Jay-Jay the Jet-plane!


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  1. This had me laughing so hard!!! Which is really awkward since I am in a library...