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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I know you all have missed me sooo much in my absence. Right? ;)

I have so much to blog about that it's quite overwhelming. But that's what bullet points are for, and I'm very fond of them. So here is a bit of what's been going on around here.

  • Caitlyn left for MO in the beginning of December, which meant lots of changes around here. Namely re-doing the chore chart. ;) Cait, just so you know, because of your absence, I'm now on dishes Mondays and Wednesday.   -_- And I no longer get a night off.  :sings: Cinderelmy, Cinderelmy, night and day it's Cinderelmy...

  • BUT, since Cait left, I am now a business woman! Whether or not I'm successful is debatable at this point, but it's so nice to have an income now. Goodwill here I come!!! ;)

  • On Christmas Eve Meg and I decided to do something a bit out of the norm, and donate blood! Unfortunately, after answering all the questions for my pre-check, (Where they ask for your age, weight, height, and make sure you're not anemic), the gal looked at me and said: "Oh, sweet girl, you're too small."  :insert minion voice:   Whaaaa??? I've been told I'm too short and too young many times, but never that I don't weigh enough. O_o  Apparently you have to weigh 133 if you are 5'1", and under 19 years old. Grrrr.... Excuse me while I go eat enough chocolate to make me gain 13 pounds....

  •  Christmas was great, but a little weird since we were down three people. :(

  • I fractured my middle finger while sword fighting on Jess's Birthday. But it was worth it. :) 

  • I went to the Twelfth Night Ball earlier this month and had a great time. :) Sadly, I didn't quite feel like Cinderella because I had lost my voice the day before and didn't have it all back at the time. Come to think of it, I didn't feel very Cinderella-ish at the masquerade ball either. I had an infected wisdom tooth socket which made my cheek look a little puffier than it should have been. -_-

  • Chris and Katie (and Tank. Can't forget Tank), came for a visit on the sixth, and stayed  with us for a little over a week. :) We went and saw 'Frozen', (which was amazing by the way), played spoons, got Katie sucked into our favorite show, went ROCK CLIMBING! Got to go shooting, which I hadn't done in a long time, (and it kinda showed) , had stuffed pizza for the first time, (I'm seventeen years old, and I have only just had this?!?! Where has it been all my life?), and just chilled together. Oh, and we mopped the floor many times thanks to Tank. ;)

This was my first time to ever rock climb, and I'm a big fan. :) It was much harder than I thought it would be, but I always enjoy a good challenge. 
Carver was really good at it! He's like a little monkey. :)

It definitely requires a LOT of trust! When one of the guys was tying the rope on my carabiner I kept thinking,   "I am putting my entire trust in your knot. That's what is going to keep me falling to my death!" Kind of a scary thought. Not to mention when you're around thirty-ish feet off the ground and your arms literally will not work, (muscle failure!), and the person who is belaying you says, "It's okay, I got you! just hang in there until you're ready to keep going." So you're pretty much sitting on thin air being held up by some straps, a rope, and the person down below. I loved it! Connor says we're going for his Birthday, and I certainly don't have a problem with that!  
Oh, and if you were wondering, this was at the Salem Kroc Center. It was a pretty cool place. They have a pool, a gym area, rock climbing, a basketball court with half sectioned off for a area for kids 7-12 I think it was. And I thought it was neat that they played the Christian radio station. You don't hear that very often. 
The only problem with the Kroc Center is that there is nothing for little kids, (under five), to do. But Noah and Audrey did a great job at staying close, and I think they spent most of their time watching people swim through the window.

Well, now that I've proved I'm still alive, I think I'll sign off now. I still have plenty of pictures to post, but those are for a later date.


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